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DALNET Mail Gateway

DALNET Mail Gateway: Secure Email Communication

In today's business world, email communication has become a fundamental part of business processes. However, cyber threats and unwanted emails have increased concerns about email security for businesses. DALNET Mail Gateway secures your email communication and provides a secure communication environment.


DALNET Mail Gateway offers the following:

Filtering Unwanted Emails: The system blocks unwanted emails using advanced filtering techniques. Spam, phishing, and emails with malicious content are automatically detected and blocked.

Virus Detection and Removal: It detects and cleans viruses in email attachments, preventing harm to your business's computers and data.

Content Control: DALNET Mail Gateway analyzes email contents to protect your sensitive data. It prevents data breaches and the leakage of sensitive information.

Monitoring Suspicious Emails: The system monitors suspicious emails and rapidly detects any attempted cyberattacks. This proactive approach helps defend against cyber threats.

Logging and Reporting: The system logs and reports email traffic in detail. These reports are critical for monitoring email security and intervening when necessary.

Compatibility: DALNET Mail Gateway can be seamlessly integrated with your existing email infrastructure. It also works compatibly with different email platforms.

Continuous Updates: The system is continually updated to defend against security threats and provide protection against new threats.


DALNET Mail Gateway enables you to manage your business's email communication securely.

1. Blocking emails containing threats before reaching the email server.

2. Real-time scanning to prevent risks before they materialize.

3. Blocking emails with potential risks using robust algorithms, both inbound and outbound.

4. Quarantine service to allow admins or users to review emails with potential risks.

5. Secure backup and management of your emails by a competent technical team.


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