How to Become a Business Partner?

Take a step on the road to success and earn profit by cooperating with the Dalnet Business Partner Program!

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Application: Companies that want to participate in the business partnership program apply for business partner candidacy by filling out the online application form.

Evaluation: Applications are meticulously evaluated by the dalnet team. One-on-one interviews are conducted with prospective business partners and the potential for cooperation is evaluated.

Approval and Training: Once approved, prospective partners officially join the dalnet partner program. Specialized training and resources are provided to our partners.

Start of Collaboration: Partners start earning revenue through customer referrals and sales. dalnet is in constant communication with partners to support their success.

Let's Walk Together on the Road to Success!

Dalnet Business Partner Program offers a lucrative and sustainable cooperation opportunity for all kinds of companies operating in the technology and IT sector. Take a step to offer the best solutions to your customers and earn profit by working with us. Contact us for detailed information and application.

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