Fortigate Maintenance Support Services

Ensure a seamless firewall experience with Fortinet's security firewall product, Fortigate Firewall, through the maintenance and support services provided by Dalnet.

Fortigate Maintenance Support Services

Welcome! With the maintenance and management services offered by Dalnet for Fortigate, you can elevate your business's firewall management to the highest level and effectively manage your security. While your firewall operates smoothly, you can focus solely on your work.

What is Fortigate?

FortiGate is a product produced by Fortinet, a hardware and software platform for network security. FortiGate combines a range of network security functions, including a firewall, virtual private network (VPN), intrusion detection system (IDS), intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus, antispam, content filtering, and other security features.

Key Features of Fortigate


FortiGate offers advanced firewall capabilities to protect your network from unwanted traffic and dangerous threats. This allows you to control and filter incoming and outgoing traffic on your network.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

FortiGate helps you establish secure virtual private network (VPN) connections and provide remote access. This allows remote workers or remote offices to securely connect to the network.

IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System)

FortiGate monitors abnormal activities on your network and detects potential attacks. It can take preventive measures to block these attacks.

Antivirus and Antispam

FortiGate includes antivirus and antispam features to scan email traffic and detect malicious software. This helps filter unwanted emails and prevent malware.

Content Filtering

FortiGate provides content filtering capabilities to filter network traffic and restrict access to specific websites or content categories.

Logging and Reporting

FortiGate allows you to monitor and report network security events. This is crucial for detecting and resolving security incidents.

High Availability

FortiGate supports redundant configurations to meet high availability requirements and minimize network downtime.

FortiGate offers a wide range of products to meet the security needs of both small businesses and large enterprises. Additionally, Fortinet's commitment to regular updates and rapid response to security threats contributes to its reputation as a reliable security solution.

Advantages of Fortigate

Comprehensive Security

FortiGate offers a wide range of security features, providing protection against various threats. It combines firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, antivirus, antispam, content filtering, and more.

Unified Security in One Device

FortiGate consolidates different security functions into a single device, reducing complexity and simplifying management on the network.

High Performance

FortiGate devices are known for their high-speed data processing capabilities. They can operate at high performance without compromising security controls on network traffic.

Up-to-Date Threat Protection

FortiGate maintains continuously updated signature databases to protect against new threats.

Easy Management

FortiGate has a user-friendly interface that facilitates management. It also offers central management and remote management options.

Logging and Reporting

Logging and reporting capabilities make it easy to monitor and analyze security events on the network, helping to quickly detect vulnerabilities.

High Availability

FortiGate supports redundant configurations to meet high availability requirements and minimize network downtime.


FortiGate devices offer scalability to accommodate your business's growth. Different models and capacities can be chosen to fit different requirements.


Combining multiple security functions in one device can reduce hardware and maintenance costs.

Global Support

Fortinet has a widespread customer support network worldwide and has the capacity to respond quickly to security threats.

All these advantages make FortiGate or a similar device an essential component of network security for businesses. However, it is important to properly configure and manage FortiGate or similar devices. Therefore, it is recommended to have security experts or certified professionals set up and maintain them.

Why Should You Entrust Your Fortigate Firewall to Dalnet?

Expertise and Experience

Dalnet specializes in firewalls and network security, ensuring that your device is configured optimally, protected against current threats, and security policies are effectively enforced.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

Dalnet can monitor and respond to security events on your network 24/7, ensuring the rapid detection and response to potential threats.

Updates and Maintenance

Regular updates are essential for firewall security. Dalnet can keep track of these updates and perform necessary maintenance to keep your device secure.

Scalable Service

Dalnet can scale security services to accommodate the growth of your business. Adjustments can be made as new requirements arise or as your network expands.

Technical Support

When you need technical support for FortiGate or similar security devices, Dalnet can provide rapid responses to meet your business needs.

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing security services like Dalnet can reduce costs compared to building and maintaining your own security team, especially in times when personnel costs are rising and finding qualified staff is challenging.


Enabling you to focus on your business's critical daily tasks while alleviating the burden of firewall management and dealing with threats.

In conclusion, entrusting Dalnet to manage your Fortigate Firewall allows you to enhance your network's security and better meet your business's security requirements. Especially during the pandemic, many critical security vulnerabilities were discovered on almost all well-known platforms. Many of these were of critical importance, and rapid updates were required. As Dalnet, we continuously monitor these announcements as part of our job and can take quick actions when needed.

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