Management IT Consulting

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Management IT Consulting

IT Management Consultancy

Assessment of Business IT Infrastructure: We assess the current state of the company's IT infrastructure, identify shortcomings, and determine areas that need improvement.

Defining Business IT Objectives: We establish short-term and long-term IT objectives for the company and select appropriate technologies to achieve them.

Development of Business IT Strategy: We develop the company's IT strategy and align it with the overall business strategy.

Design and Implementation of Business IT Infrastructure: Based on the company's needs, we design the IT infrastructure, select suitable technologies, and implement them.

Management of Business IT Projects: We plan, implement, and manage the company's IT projects.

Business IT Security: We identify the company's IT security needs, offer appropriate security solutions, and ensure the implementation of security policies.

Management of Business IT Costs: We provide suitable cost management strategies to keep the company's IT costs under control.

Management of Business IT Department: We ensure effective management of the IT department, offering support in personnel management, project management, budget management, and more.

Tracking New Technologies: We keep track of new technologies, select and implement those suitable for the business.

Providing Innovative Solutions: We offer innovative solutions tailored to the company's needs.

Education and Support: We provide technical training to company personnel and offer troubleshooting and support services.

Continuous Improvement: We ensure continuous improvement of the company's IT infrastructure, thereby enhancing efficiency.


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