DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

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DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

DALNET is a company that embraces DevOps principles and provides our customers with fast and reliable application development processes. CI/CD processes are one of the most critical stages of the application development process. This process is essential for improving the quality of the application code, early error detection, and efficiently moving the application to the production environment.


Our service offers the following advantages to our customers:

1. Automatic Compilation: The automatic compilation process ensures that software code is compiled correctly and errors are detected. This process prevents developers from wasting time in the debugging process.

2. Automated Testing: Automatically testing the application is crucial for early error detection. Our service allows for the creation of different test scenarios, reporting of test results, and significant time savings in the debugging process.

3. Continuous Integration: The continuous integration process involves the integration of different components of the application and testing their interoperability. This process enhances the productivity of the development team and ensures early error detection.

4. Continuous Deployment: Continuous deployment ensures the rapid deployment of the application to the production environment. Our service supports the automatic inclusion of the application in the deployment process, non-automatic approval processes, and the debugging process.

5. Debugging: Our service provides the necessary tools for detecting and resolving potential errors. By preventing developers from wasting time on debugging, it accelerates the application development process.


Our expert team is ready to provide 24/7 support to meet our customers' DevOps CI/CD Pipeline needs. This ensures that our customers can continue their business without interruption and with the highest performance.


One of the most critical aspects is DALNET's 24/7 friendly engineering team. You are never alone when you encounter a problem; we are always by your side. Your problem is our problem! We cannot relax until your problem is resolved.


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