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The digital power of your business: With Dal Information Technologies, we are building the future today, bringing technology to businesses of all sizes.

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After 25 years of experience in almost every layer of the information technology industry, dalnet is a Cloud, Data Center, CDN, and Managed Services company established with the goal of bringing the latest technologies used worldwide to our country's companies and institutions and elevating their information technology infrastructures to the highest levels.

Especially in its boutique services in the Cloud and Managed Services sectors, dalnet stands out by emphasizing its engineering expertise. In technical matters, dalnet is the forefront company.

Our Services

We provide your company with the best infrastructure with the most suitable solutions! We make your IT infrastructure secure, stable and strong so that you can focus only on your business.

Cloud Services

Easily elevate your business to the cloud with high-performance, flexible, and secure server solutions.

Monitoring and Security Services

Keep your data secure with customizable monitoring and security solutions that keep an eye on your business 24/7 and...

Managed Services

Simplify your business's complex IT processes. We offer a wide range of managed services, from server operating system...

Data Center Services

We provide tailored, secure, and scalable solutions for your business. From server leasing, hosting, cabinet rental,...