DALNET Load Balancer

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DALNET Load Balancer

DALNET Load Balancer: Load Balancing and Monitoring Solution

In today's digital world, managing rapidly growing workloads and increasing traffic is of critical importance for businesses. DALNET Load Balancer is designed to address this challenge and optimize the performance of your network infrastructure.

DALNET Load Balancer directs incoming network traffic while performing load balancing, minimizing service disruptions, and evenly distributing the load across servers. This ensures high availability and performance.


Features provided within the scope of the service:

Load Balancing and Distribution: DALNET Load Balancer efficiently manages the workload by evenly distributing incoming traffic among servers. This ensures the efficient utilization of server resources while preventing overloading and performance degradation.

Quick Response and Redundancy: In case one server becomes unavailable, the load balancer redirects traffic to other healthy servers, preventing service interruptions and ensuring redundancy.

Flexible Configuration: DALNET Load Balancer offers flexible configuration options. Load balancing methods and criteria can be determined according to specific needs.

Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: Real-time traffic monitoring and analysis capabilities of the load balancer allow for close tracking of network traffic. This enables the rapid detection of potential issues and timely intervention.

Security and SSL Support: DALNET Load Balancer protects incoming traffic with SSL encryption, enhancing security. Additionally, it provides protection through traffic filtering and firewall features.


With DALNET Load Balancer, you can enhance the performance of your network infrastructure, minimize service disruptions, and achieve high availability.

1. Software and hardware load balancing solutions

2. Managed by DALNET system and network engineers

3. Ensuring high transaction volume with the shortest response time

4. Health checks of responding points in load distribution and elimination of problematic points

5. Proper allocation of high capacity and packet numbers


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