Dalnet Partner Program

Dalnet Partner Program: Step into sustainable earning opportunities with Win-Win Collaboration

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As Dalnet, we are excited to share our leading position in technology and IT with our business partners. dalnet Business Partner Program brings together companies that drive the digital transformation of the business world and offer the best service to their customers. This program represents a sustainable and profitable cooperation model that supports our business partners to earn profits.

Why become a dalnet Business Partner?

Profit Oriented Approach: Our partners earn according to the added value they provide to the customers they refer to us. Each new customer is rewarded with special commissions for our partners.

Wide Range of Products and Services: dalnet offers a wide range of solutions such as data center services, cloud solutions, CDN and managed services. Our partners will have the opportunity to offer the best technology services to their customers.

Experienced Team Support: Our dedicated support team is always ready to help our partners with technical and operational issues. In this way, our partners can get support when needed while providing the best experience to their customers.

Expansion and Growth: Our partners have the opportunity to benefit from dalnet's international expansion and success. The international recognition of our products and services offers our partners the potential to secure more customers.

Dalnet® - Assurance in Technology, Leadership in Innovation.