Cloud Backup

The most suitable cloud backup systems for your business are here!

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup allows you to completely back up your systems running on servers in your premises, data centers, or other cloud platforms to the DALNET cloud platform, enabling you to store your data.


Your data is much safer with DALNET Cloud Backup!

Today, data (accounting data, human resources data, and other data) has become one of the most valuable assets. Governments have even had to make decisions in this regard. For example, the Personal Data Protection Law in our country is a law enacted for this purpose.

DALNET Cloud Backup service offers you the option to select multiple locations. You can back up some of your data to Izmir and some to Ankara. Additionally, DALNET cloud backup is a brand-independent service. It seamlessly integrates with backup software of any brand you already have in your location. If you don't have a current solution, DALNET's expert cloud backup team will recommend the most suitable product for you.

Backup is not just a task; it is an understanding, a philosophy. How your backups are taken, how often they are taken, when they should be taken, and most importantly, the expertise and experience required to restore from a backup and the time it takes to do so are important factors. DALNET performs cloud backup operations for many businesses.

We have certified engineers in world-renowned brands such as Veeam, Acronis, Nakivo, and Zerto. Our engineers listen to your needs and recommend the most suitable cloud backup solution for you!

We can perform your backup operations using various methods. Some of the most preferred ones are:

  • A system where you manage and control the entire backup procedure through the panel we provide. In this setup, DALNET staff cannot directly access your backups.
  • A model where all backup operations are managed by competent DALNET personnel. In this model, we need you during the installation phase, and afterwards, all responsibilities belong to DALNET.
  • In the hybrid model, we proceed with the above operations jointly.

As mentioned earlier, DALNET cloud backup offers you various geographic options. Some of the main locations are as follows:

  • Beşiktaş Location
  • Başakşehir Location
  • Yenibosna Location
  • Izmir Location
  • Ankara Location

Your data is securely uploaded to the locations you choose. If needed, we can bring your data back to you from these locations, or we can provide access through the cloud environment.


How does DALNET Cloud Backup Work? Backup Strategies:

  • Information about backup strategies such as full backup, incremental backup, or differential backup is provided.
  • Depending on the backup frequency and storage space requirements, the appropriate strategy is explained to our customers.

Backup Process:

  • The backup process explains how the backup operation is carried out from start to finish.
  • Information about the software and tools used in the backup process is provided.

Backup Storage:

  • Information is given about storing backup files.
  • How to configure storage space and how long the data will be stored is explained.

Backup Consolidation:

  • Information is provided about consolidating backups from different backup devices into a single storage space.
  • This method is explained to our customers as a way to save storage space and management costs.

Backup Recovery:

  • Information is provided on restoring backup files.
  • Customers are informed about how to recover data in emergency situations.

Backup Testing:

  • Information is provided on testing backup files.
  • The necessity of testing whether backup files are truly usable is explained to our customers.

Backup Management Reporting:

  • Information is provided on reporting the backup process.
  • Details such as which data is backed up and how frequently, as well as how the success of the backup process is measured, are explained.

We recommend starting to receive cloud backup services without delay.

The most suitable cloud backup systems for your business are here! One of the most important aspects is DALNET's 24/7 friendly engineer team. You are never alone in any problem; we are always by your side because your problem is our problem! We can never be at ease when you have an issue.


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