Network Management

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Network Management

Network Management: Assurance of Secure and Stable Connections

In today's digital world, the network infrastructure of businesses is one of their most critical assets. Data communication, business continuity, and security are among the factors that determine the success of businesses. This is exactly where our Managed Services, specifically Network Management, offered by dalnet®, come into play. It is designed to manage the network infrastructure of businesses securely, stably, and efficiently.

What is Network Management?

Network management is a discipline that involves planning, configuring, monitoring, updating, and maintaining the network infrastructure of businesses to ensure the best performance and security of the network. Customized network management based on the size and needs of businesses effectively utilizes network resources to maintain the highest level of business continuity and data security.

dalnet® Network Management Services

At dalnet®, we provide comprehensive and customized solutions in the field of Network Management. Our services, tailored to the needs of businesses, aim to enhance the security, performance, and efficiency of the network infrastructure.


We have various categories in network management, some of which are as follows:


Local Area Network (LAN) Management:

1.  Design and management of the network structure

2.  IP address management (IPAM)

3.  DNS and DHCP management

4.  Switch and router management

5.  VLAN creation and management

6.  Bulk software distribution (GPO)

7.  Storage management on the network (SAN/NAS)


Wireless Network Management:

1.  Design and management of wireless network infrastructure

2.  Access point management

3.  Wireless security settings

4.  Monitoring and reporting on wireless network performance

5.  Management and configuration of devices connected to the wireless network


Wide Area Network (WAN) Management:

1.  Design and management of WAN (Routed and Routing protocols)

2.  VPN setup and management

3.  Monitoring and reporting on WAN performance

4.  WAN traffic management and optimization

5.  Troubleshooting WAN connectivity issues


Cloud Network Management:

1.  Design and management of network services for the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.)

2.  Creation and management of virtual networks

3.  Management of network connections between cloud services

4.  Network security settings

5.  Performance monitoring and reporting


Network Security Management:

1.  Creation and implementation of network security policies

2.  Monitoring and prevention of network attacks

3.  Identification and mitigation of network security vulnerabilities

4.  Swift response to security incidents (SOC)


Network Performance Management:

1.  Monitoring and reporting on network performance

2.  Management and optimization of network capacity

3.  Analysis and reporting of network traffic

4.  Identification and resolution of network errors


Our expert team is ready to provide 24/7 support to meet our clients' network management needs, ensuring uninterrupted and high-performance operations.


One of the most important aspects is dalnet's 24/7 friendly team of engineers. You are never alone with any problem; we are always by your side, as your problem is our problem! We can never be at ease when you have a problem.


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