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DALNET Analyzer

DALNET Analyzer: Data Center Performance and Monitoring Solution

In today's rapidly advancing era of digital transformation, effectively managing and monitoring the infrastructure of data centers is of vital importance for businesses. This is where DALNET Analyzer comes into play. This solution, which enables data center performance and monitoring, offers businesses a comprehensive view, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

DALNET Analyzer is a solution developed to monitor and analyze all aspects of your data center. By comprehensively tracking hardware, network, storage, and application layers, this solution helps you identify performance issues.


Features offered within the scope of the service:

Central Monitoring and Control: With DALNET Analyzer, you can monitor various components of your data center from a central dashboard. You can track the performance of components like physical servers, virtual machines, network devices, and storage systems in real-time.

Performance Analysis: Various metrics and indicators are provided to detect and analyze performance issues in the system. This allows potential problems to be identified in advance, ensuring business continuity.

Capacity Planning: You can perform capacity analyses to anticipate future needs and plan your infrastructure accordingly. This optimizes resource utilization, reducing costs.

Alerts and Notifications: DALNET Analyzer automatically sends alerts and notifications when critical threshold values you define are exceeded. This enables quick intervention and issue resolution.

Reporting and Analytics: Through various reports and analytical tools, you can analyze data center performance in detail. These reports provide valuable insights to support your decision-making processes.


By continuously monitoring the health and performance of your data center with DALNET Analyzer, you can ensure business continuity and enhance operational efficiency.

1.  Processing logs collected from traffic and network security products

2.  Creating detailed records, analyses, and reports

3.  Event correlation, vulnerability management, traffic analysis

4.  Ensuring information security through features like Forensic Analysis, Central Quarantine, and Vulnerability & Compliance Management Scanning

5.  Preparedness against zero-day attacks with certified strong personnel support


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