Managed Cloud

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Managed Cloud

Are you looking to update your business's IT infrastructure and store your data and applications in the cloud, but concerned about the complexity of cloud technology?

Don't worry, managed cloud services eliminate all these concerns for you!

Managed cloud server services enable businesses to effectively utilize cloud servers while reducing the cost of system administration. Managed cloud server services perform critical functions such as security, backup, and data protection, ensuring that your business data is always secure.

Many businesses require a system administrator to manage cloud technologies. However, hiring, training, and maintaining a system administrator can be quite expensive. Managed cloud server services eliminate this cost and help businesses save on their IT budgets.

Managed cloud server services also allow businesses to automatically scale server capacity during periods of high traffic (e.g., during a sales campaign). This ensures that your websites or applications always run fast and efficiently.

Cloud services, which have become even more appreciated after the pandemic, have rapidly become widespread. The emergence of commercial differences between businesses that have migrated to the cloud and those that have not was also expected. In such an environment, the need for Expert Engineers arose due to factors such as the competence of technical personnel enabling the migration and the security of services running in the cloud after the migration.


DALNET has been providing services to many of our country's large businesses in the Managed Services sector for many years. Along with our growing team in the cloud sector, we manage your technical administration tasks. Expert engineering services that you need are provided by DALNET.

In this service, the management of all services running on cloud platforms is provided by DALNET. With our Managed Cloud service, our ultimate goal is to ensure the smooth operation of your system (your website, email service, database, ERP program, accounting program). DALNET's expert engineers take over the management of servers from the initial setup or migration of your system, determine the necessary security and performance policies, share them with you, and start the processes after obtaining your approval. Starting from performance and security settings at the operating system level, they also optimize the service you are using. They establish and implement backup procedures necessary for your system and regularly inform you about your backups. They monitor your system 24/7 and respond quickly to any issues. The mentioned services are just a small part of the services we provide in our managed cloud service. In short, our managed cloud services aim to focus on your business. DALNET takes care of most of the technical responsibilities that can cause distractions from your focal point.

In our Managed Cloud service, we respond to problems in accordance with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) you choose.

Cost advantages are achieved by allocating resources in the right scales.

Due to its many advantages, DALNET's Managed Cloud service is the most suitable solution for your business.

DALNET's expert engineers offer you the most suitable managed cloud service by listening to your needs.

In conclusion, managed cloud server services allow businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure, keep their data secure, improve performance, and save costs in their IT budgets. Choosing the right managed cloud server services that meet your business's needs is a critical factor for your success.

One of the most important aspects is DALNET's 24/7 friendly engineer team. You are never alone in any problem; we are always by your side because your problem is our problem! We can never be at ease when you have an issue.


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