DALNET DDoS Protection

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DALNET DDoS Protection

DALNET DDoS Protection: Safeguard Your Business Continuity

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, cyber threats have escalated with advancing technology. Particularly, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can inflict significant damage by targeting businesses' web assets. DALNET DDoS Protection ensures the security of your business continuity against such attacks.

DDoS attacks create an intense and continuous flow of traffic towards the target website, overloading servers and networks. These attacks can render your website unusable and negatively impact customer experience. This is where DALNET DDoS Protection comes into play.

DALNET's advanced infrastructure and security measures provide effective protection against DDoS attacks. Upon detection of an attack, the system automatically filters out attack traffic, allowing only legitimate traffic to reach your servers. This ensures seamless operation of your website.

Within the scope of our service, real-time monitoring and protection against DDoS attacks are provided. Different protection mechanisms are activated based on the type and scale of the attack. This ensures effective protection against both small and large-scale DDoS attacks.

DALNET DDoS Protection conducts instant traffic analysis to detect anomalies and aids in early prevention of attacks. Additionally, automatic attack detection and mitigation mechanisms ensure protection without the need for manual intervention by system administrators.


Business continuity is a priority for every business. DALNET DDoS Protection secures your web presence against cyber attacks, enabling uninterrupted service.

1.  Protection across all layers

2.  Protection across uplink providers

3.  Near-zero false positive blocking

4.  Protection without disruption to services and business continuity, without reflecting on actual traffic

5.  Guaranteed real protection through concrete tests


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One of the most important aspects is DALNET's 24/7 friendly team of engineers. You are never alone with any problem; we are always by your side, as your problem is our problem! We can never be at ease when you have a problem.


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