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Cloud Server

Dalnet Cloud Server: Secure, High-Performance, and Scalable Cloud Solutions

Dalnet facilitates the transition of businesses to cloud technology by providing local cloud solutions. The Dalnet Cloud Server service enables businesses to securely and scalably host their websites, applications, and databases.

The Cloud Server service helps businesses modernize their IT infrastructure by offering high-performance and scalable virtual servers. The service allows you to manage resource utilization flexibly without the need for any hardware investment.

The Dalnet Cloud Server service is designed to help customers manage their businesses better and grow rapidly. By using the service, businesses can respond to their customers faster, achieve higher performance, and manage their operations more efficiently.

Although the term "cloud" began to be used with the emergence of internet networks (internet cloud), it entered our lives in its current sense in the 2010s. Today, cloud refers to services provided through servers located in data centers directly connected to the internet. Cloud platforms offer many advantages to businesses. In the past, cloud platforms were compared to locally hosted servers in the local network. However, it is now a fact that cloud platforms are much more advantageous. The new challenge in such an environment is choosing the right cloud platforms.

This is where Dalnet Cloud comes in, offering you the most suitable solutions with its expert technical staff. We listen to you and provide alternative solutions tailored to your needs. Our priority is to provide you with the most suitable solution for your business by utilizing our engineering expertise and 25 years of industry experience.

If businesses' cloud needs are not properly analyzed, the solutions provided will not be accurate. Such a situation will lead to unnecessary investments and jeopardize business continuity due to inadequate performance and suitability of the products.


Customized cloud platforms for your systems are available here!

DALNET has designed multiple platforms in multiple locations to meet your specific needs while keeping costs to a minimum. Our top priority is providing the most accurate solutions for your challenges, and we are delighted to offer our services to you.


Advantages of Cloud Platforms


Cost Advantage

One of the fundamental advantages of cloud platforms is the principle of "pay as you go." In cloud platforms, resources can be rapidly increased or decreased. In fact, these operations can be automatically scaled according to demand. The simplest benefit of this approach is cost savings. For example, if you only need high-capacity servers for a few hours a month while regular servers suffice for the rest of the time, you can adjust this easily in your cloud platform within minutes. In a traditional architecture where you host physical servers in your own infrastructure, you would need to procure servers at the highest capacity you anticipate from day one. It's similar to having to buy size 42 shoes because your feet swell a few days a month, even though you typically wear size 38. In short, the pay-as-you-go principle of cloud platforms provides cost advantages to businesses.




Business Continuity Advantage

Thanks to their underlying infrastructure, cloud platforms provide uninterrupted service 24/7, 365 days a year, including an additional 6 hours. The data centers hosting cloud platforms undergo various audits and certifications. The purpose of these audits and certifications is, in fact, to ensure continuity. Additionally, cloud platforms are configured to operate in other locations in case of disaster. For example, DALNET has cloud platforms in various locations such as Beşiktaş, Başakşehir, and Yenibosna regions within Istanbul, Işıkkent in Izmir, and Temelli in Ankara. In the event of any issues, your data can operate from alternative locations.



Security Advantage

Cloud platforms, protected by advanced technologies, offer numerous security advantages at very low costs. For instance, DDOS protection systems, firewalls, WAFs, and other security solutions typically require significant investment costs, but in cloud platforms, they can be rented at a minimal fee. DALNET provides all these services with the most cost-effective options. Furthermore, you are aware of how valuable your data is. Backing up your data in a secure environment is also a security measure. DALNET's cloud backup services handle these tasks for you and send you report emails.


Professional Support Advantage

DALNET cloud platforms are designed and managed by expert engineers. While having such personnel within your company may come with high costs and likely be an investment that won't be frequently needed, DALNET's professional staff constantly works to ensure your services operate at their best.

One of the most important aspects is DALNET's 24/7 friendly engineering team. You are never alone in any problem; we are always by your side because your problem is our problem! We can never be at ease when you have a problem.


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