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DALNET WAF: Elevate Web Application Security to the Highest Level

Web applications have become an indispensable tool for businesses to safeguard their digital assets and customer data. However, web applications frequently become targets of cyberattacks, exposing data security risks. This is where DALNET WAF (Web Application Firewall) comes into play, ensuring top-level protection for your web applications.

DALNET WAF automatically monitors and safeguards your web applications against attacks. Using advanced algorithms and signature-based scanning methods, the firewall detects and blocks malicious traffic and cyberattacks. This way, potential threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), database attacks, and other vulnerabilities are preemptively prevented.

Within the scope of our service, your business's web applications are regularly scanned and automatic alerts are sent for security vulnerabilities. This enables the identification and swift resolution of weak points, preventing attackers from finding an open door. Furthermore, the firewall detects bot traffic and spam, enhancing the performance of your website.

DALNET WAF offers advanced flexibility through customizable security policies. You can tailor adjustments to provide specialized protection for your business's needs and web applications. Additionally, the user-friendly interface allows you to monitor and analyze security incidents.

Data security is a fundamental priority of the DALNET WAF service. Customer data is securely protected in full compliance with standards and regulations. Moreover, the WAF service ensures that businesses' web applications are compliant with PCI DSS and other requirements.


The DALNET WAF service is an effective solution to protect web applications against cyber threats and maximize data security.

1.  Utilization of leading and robust brands with software and hardware for top-tier protection

2.  Handling of high traffic and packet processing capacity

3.  Real, application-level protection

4.  Prevention against harmful web software and bot attacks that could consume resources and create security vulnerabilities


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