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DALNET IPS/IDS: Threat Detection and Prevention System

The increasing cyber threats in today's world have heightened businesses' concerns about network security. DALNET IPS/IDS (Intrusion Prevention and Detection System) secures your network with advanced security measures, rapidly identifying and thwarting potential threats.


DALNET IPS/IDS provides the following:

Threat Detection: The system monitors network traffic in real-time and detects abnormal activities. It anticipates cyberattacks in advance through advanced threat signatures and behavior analysis.

Attack Prevention: When a threat is detected, DALNET IPS/IDS automatically recognizes and halts the attack, preventing damage to your network.

Data Analysis: By analyzing network traffic, the system identifies abnormal behaviors. Data analysis swiftly detects and closes potential security vulnerabilities.

Logging and Reporting: Comprehensive logging and reporting capabilities closely monitor the network security status. These reports are crucial for the detection of cyber threats and the management of resolution processes.

Integration and Compatibility: DALNET IPS/IDS can be seamlessly integrated into your existing network infrastructure. Additionally, it can work compatibly with different devices and applications.

Continuous Updates: As threats constantly evolve, DALNET IPS/IDS regularly updates its signatures and threat information, providing protection against new threats.


DALNET IPS/IDS is an effective solution to maximize your network security.

Software and hardware attack detection and prevention technologies.

Swift detection and prevention of attacks.

Accurate management to distinguish real traffic from false positives.

Malware detection.

Blocking of malicious ports.

Handling of malicious packets.

Identification and blocking of attack sources.


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